Our energy for the respect of the Environment

Recently the company expanded its field of action by investing energies and finances and making business agreements with international partners in the industry of renewable energies, particularly for production of wind and solar energy.

Our company carries out installation of the supporting structures and photovoltaic modules, as well as installation and connection of the inverters, protection and control panels, MV/LV boxes, takes care of laying and connecting the connection cables.

Grin takes care of placing copper and fiber-optic connections for Ethernet systems, PLC switch signals and VGMS measurement signals, realizes installation of servers, routers, ups, pc and printer inside the power generation room, electrical and PLC panels, GPS / GSM antenna, PLC, VGSM and UPS addressing, remote controlled servers.

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Supervision and control system

Within the renewable energies, Grin realizes supervision systems for wind and photovoltaic equipment.

Our SCADA supervision system makes available the most significant information coming from the various equipments installed (speed of wind, active/reactive power produced, etc.) and indicates possible anomalies to get the maximum output through efficient management of the plant.

Our SCADA solution allows remote starting, stopping, restoring and tagging-out of single equipment, minimizing on-spot inspections and manpower. The SCADA system offered by Grin can be implemented wherever it is necessary to supervise systems and/or plants.

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